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Badminton B offers result oriented programs for individual client from all backgrounds, incorporating Science & Data analysis with the latest technology. Making sure every session an enriching experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering practical actionable content backed by your gameplay data. Are you ready to achieve more Joy & Fulfilment on court? Take action now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which country are you from Badminton B?

A. Hi, I'm from Singapore.

Q. Do I have to go to a specific venue for the session?

A. You will pick your preferred venue. I provide an islandwide coaching service.

Q. I'm interested in the course, may I have the program details & price please?

A. Simply drop me a WhatsApp message & I will get in touch with you to find out what are your objectives first, then share with you the appropriate program & details. Generally the fee is $70 an hour.

Q. I can't speak English, only Mandarin can you coach me?

A. No worries, I speak fluent English & Mandarin as well. 

Q. Which country do you coach in?

A. Physically in Singapore, I coach online too. My YouTube Channel is 

Badminton B

WhatsApp Badminton B Now! +65 96941411

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