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Remote Learning
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There are no boundaries to learning now! Be unleashed anywhere! Our effective 1-on-1 consultation and video troubleshooting program via Zoom is fun and engaging. You'll be surprised by the quick results many have experienced around the globe.


This 1-on-1 coaching program focuses on making sure you improve fast in both techniques and gameplay understanding. Your friends on court will notice your obvious improvement within weeks, you don't need to hear it from us, let your friends be the judge. 


Do you often play with a particular partner on the court? Wish to improve together? Especially if it's mixed doubles. There is a lot to learn when it comes to mixed doubles gameplay, stop those blaming and quarrelling now. Come learn and grow together.

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All charges are in Singapore dollars. Court booking fees not included

Online Learning

1-on-1 Online Coaching fee 

$180 Troubleshoot & Power Up

Program - 3 Sessions

1-on-1 Physical Coaching fee

$70 Hourly

Minimum 2 hours per session

Hitting the Birdie
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Learn with a Partner

Each $40 Hourly

Minimum 2 hours per session

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Master the Art of War

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Online & Physical coaching

I never knew my daughter could improve so much within such a short period of time learning online, I was sceptical initially. She now understands the game better and enjoys it so much more. She is beaming with joy now and I'm so glad I discovered you Badminton B, thanks coach!   

Silvia Lim

I wished I had taken action earlier to master the Art of War from Badminton B, it really opened up my perspective of badminton. I really like his Simple and Actionable teaching concept, so easy to digest. I do not play blindly anymore because I've learned the Art of Composing rallies in my favor. Thank You so so much Badminton B!

Andrew Smith

Such a creative and patient coach is always open to listening and never fails to deliver crystal clear instructions and explanations. Now I understand what he meant by Knowledge is Power, I understand and am enjoying the sport at a different level now. Thank you coach!


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