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How to handle a fast backhand shuttle

Opponents often push the shuttle to your backhand side right?

How did you reply? Did you choose to lift the shuttle?

Try to avoid lifting because that would mean giving away your

Offensive formation ( front and back formation)

If you wish to improve, you must learn how to uphold your Offensive formation.

I'm gonna share some gameplay knowledge now so you can have a better understanding,

which will help calm your nerves when you next encounter a fast shuttle from your opponent on your backhand side.

Do not panic when your opponent delivers a fast shuttle.

Your perspective must change, I want you to see it as your opponent has helped you generate speed on the shuttle. So what's left for you is to simply block the shuttle to your desired destination, without having to worry about power generation.

Now with this state of mind, I want you to apply this Block and Cross sequence when you next encounter this situation. Remember to Like & Share this video especially with your partner!

Have fun with it!

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